Ward 34 - Nephrology (renal) and Gastroenterology

Location - Monash Medical Centre, Clayton. Level 3, Block E. Near the orange lifts located in the middle of the hospital and the Incentre haemodialysis unit. Enter from the main hospital entrance or via the rear of the hospital, via Wright Street.

Visiting hours - Visitors are always very welcome, from 8am to 8pm, every day. We request that visitors keep to these hours, to respect the needs of every patient in the ward. Each nurse reserves the right to refuse visitors if it will compromise the patient's care, and remember that all visiting children must be supervised at all times.

The 38 bed ward ward has 25+ renal beds and accommodates acutely ill patients with all renal conditions, including pre and post kidney and pancreas transplant patients, (including donors), and vascular access surgery. The ward also provides allied health support including social work, dietetics, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.










Tracey Beatty
Nurse Unit Manager
Telephone 9594 3462

Patient enquiries
Telephone 9594 3460