Adjunct Professor Cheyne Chalmers

Executive Director Nursing, Midwifery and Support Services

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Cheyne is the Executive Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Support Services at Monash Health. The organisation is the largest health service in Victoria, Australia and employs over 6,000 Nurses and Midwives in more than 40 locations across South-East Melbourne ranging from tertiary hospital services at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton to small community health centres.

Cheyne is a Registered Nurse who completed her nursing qualifications in the mid 1980’s in New Zealand.

She has a clinical background of respiratory and palliative care nursing and was involved in the development of national standards and education pathways for nurses in New Zealand during the 1990’s.

In early 2000 Cheyne was involved in leading the amalgamation of four large hospitals onto one site, in Auckland New Zealand – this involved significant change and leadership.

From 2005-2009 Cheyne was the Director of Nursing  at Capital and Coast District Health Board, Wellington, New Zealand – where she was involved in the development of new models of care, implementing professional development frameworks and making use of new innovative nursing roles in response to population changes.

Key achievements to date:

At Monash Health Cheyne has led the development of the Monash Health Nursing and Midwifery Strategy (2010-2013). Achievements to date include the creation of the Nursing and Midwifery Governance framework to oversee Nursing and Midwifery clinical practice and better enable the implementation of evidence based models of nursing and midwifery care; the creation of the Monash Health Foundations of Care (developed out of the United Kingdom Mid Staffordshire- Robert Francis Inquiry); the development of the Monash Health Nursing Professional Development Framework, based on Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert framework for differentiating levels of skill; increasing our organisation’s commitment to Nursing Research through the funding and recruitment of a Professor of Emergency Nursing (with the Australian Catholic University), a Professor of Midwifery (with Monash University), as well as strengthening our ties with Deakin University through the funding and appointment of an Associate Professor of Nursing, to work with our existing Chair.

Redesign of the role and purpose of the “hospital improvement programme”, to incorporate closer links with Quality and Redesign. Development of the “Target Best Care” approach to redesign within Monash Health, linked to the organisation wide strategies of “Target Zero” (zero harm) and Person Centred Care. Over 80 projects focussing on improving patient outcomes have been completed, e.g. reducing interruptions and streamlining process around medication administration, to reducing occupational violence in the aged mental health and emergency department settings and increasing time spent on direct patient care.

Review of the governance of Infection Control, which included research into existing hospital cleaning processes and the implementation of world leading evidence-based cleaning approaches (utilising ultra-microfibre and steam technologies).