Diabetes Ambulatory Care Stream

Paediatric and adolescent diabetes services.

Diabetes Ambulatory Care Service
  • Ambulatory (if possible) stabilisation and education of newly diagnosed infants, children and adolescents aged <19 years="" with="" type="" 1="" and="" 2="" diabetes="" li="">
  • Inpatient diabetes care for 0-19 year olds
  • Continuing ambulatory diabetes care for individuals aged 0 – 25 years

Diagnosis and management of:

  • Short stature
  • Disorders of puberty (precocious/delayed)
  • Thyroid/Adrenal/Pituitary Disorders (including congenital hypothyroidism identified on Newborn Screening)
  • Obesity
  • Accelerated growth/Tall stature
  • Disorders of Calcium Metabolism and Metabolic Bone Disease  
Models of Care
  • Ambulatory Care (42 South)
  • Inpatient / Outpatient
  • Paediatric Diabetes Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinics are held in Clinic A
  • Young Adult Diabetes (YADS) Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinics
  • Paediatric Endocrinology Outpatients runs once to twice monthly at MMC Clayton
  • “Fee for Service” Paediatric Endocrine Clinic has been established to manage increasing numbers of paediatric endocrine patients
  • Metabolic Bone Disease Clinic runs Clinic A Outpatients -Referring guidelines and Exclusion criteria
  • Outreach Clinics - MMC Paediatric Endocrinologists provide privately funded outreach services to the Gippsland Corridor and Peninsula Hospital
iRefer  Access Unit
Outpatient referral and enquiries
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F:959 iCARE - 9594 2273 
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