Frequently asked questions

Can I access Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel in the library?
Yes, access to Microsoft Office is available.

Can I renew my books via the internet?
Yes, registered borrowers can renew loans via the library catalogue

Can registered members of CAVAL borrow directly from your libraries?
No, our libraries are hospital not university libraries and for that reason borrowing by CAVAL members is not permitted. Aside from hospital staff only Monash University staff, medical and post-graduate students can borrow.

Do you provide access to the internet?
Yes, each library provides internet access to authorised users who have a valid Monash Health user ID and password. These accounts are set up by information technology services and not the library. Permission must be granted by your supervisor to initiate the process of setting up computer / internet access accounts.

How many times can I renew my book?
It is usually twice for books. But this is affected by the type of material borrowed and also depends on whether the item has been requested by someone else.

Loan category

Borrower category

Renewal period

Books, CDs Monash Health staff, Monash University staff, Monash University postgraduate students (Masters, PhD students) 2 weeks
  Medical students, PHIMR Honours students, nutrition and dietetics students 1 week
Journals Not applicable  
DVDs, audio tapes Applies to all borrowers 1 week
(Note: most videos fall into this category)
Applies to all borrowers 3 days
1 Week Video
(Note: very few videos fall into this category)
Applies to all borrowers 1 week
(Note: most reserve materials can only be used in the library, in which case the renewal period does not apply)
Applies to all borrowers 1 day


Where can I buy medical Books?
JR Medical Books (Ph: (03) 9478 3288).

246 Clayton Road
Clayton, VIC 3168
P: (03) 9594 2600

David Street
Dandenong, VIC 3175
P: (03) 9554 8144

Warrigal Road
Cheltenham, VIC 3192
P: (03) 9265 1335

823-865 Centre Road
East Bentleigh, VIC 3165
P: (03) 9928 8239

62-70 Kangan Drive
Berwick VIC 3806
P: (03) 8768 1533