Frequently asked questions

How am I booked in for treatment?

Your doctor will submit a pre-admission form to our booking office. You'll then receive further information and a confirmation of booking form to complete and return, as well as complete details outlining the services available within the hospital.

What do I do when I get to hospital?

Once at the hospital, you should enter via the main entrance and go to the main reception desk.

At the time of your admission we require you to sign a formal admission form and to supply a few personal details such as contact information, Medicare number and any health information details and your local doctor's name. Then you'll be taken to your ward, where nurses will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Should I attend a Pre-Admission Clinic?

These clinics are becoming much more common as their many benefits become clear. These include faster and easier admission and discharge procedures.

What if I'm being admitted for day surgery?

Preparation for day surgery is similar to other admissions, but firm plans for drop off and pick-up are essential. Instructions about fasting, medication and other preoperative precautions (especially for day procedures) will be dealt with when your admission is booked. Pre-admission clinics can be very helpful if you're a day surgery patient.

What special procedures should I follow?

Unless your doctor tells you not to, you should stay as active and mobile as possible up to the time of admission. There's only one strong recommendation - you should stop smoking.

What should I know about emergency admissions?

If you incur an injury or have a medical emergency and are brought to our Emergency Department, the doctor may decide to admit you.

You will be required to sign a formal admission form, providing you are

  • not in a motor vehicle accident, or
  • have a work related injury, or
  • a Veteran's Affairs beneficiary.

In the above cases you will automatically be classified and treated appropriately.

If, at the time of admission, you are not capable of making an informed choice as to the election of care you require, your next of kin (if available) will be notified and consulted. If however, no next of kin is available, then you will be classified as a hospital patient until such time as you or your next of kin can advise of your care selection. .