Haemodialysis technical services

Location  - Monash Medical Centre, Clayton. Level 3, Block E. The closest entrance is via the rear of the hospital, via Wright Street, near administration and past (east) the research laboratory.

Four technicians ensure that all Monash Health haemodialysis services function, by purchasing, installing, maintaining and servicing:

  • 210+ haemodialysis machines for home haemodialysis patients and patients dialysing in eight satellite haemodialysis units
  • 95 single reverse osmosis machines for home haemodialysis patients
  • 11 major reverse osmosis (water treatment) units, for the units located at Casey, Clayton, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Hastings, Moorabbin, Traralgon, Warragul and Wonthaggi.

The technicians also have responsibility for carbon tanks, mixed bed filters, UV sterilizers and cartridge filters, including adherence to a range of Australian safety standards, and maintain the plasma exchange machine for transplant patients located at the Incentre facility at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton.

The technicians are available on an on call basis, any time of the day or night, for all home haemodialysis patients and the satellite haemodialysis units if an emergency arises with the dialysis machines or the reverse osmosis machines.

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Tony Mosca - Manager Technical Services. Phone 0419 318 376

Technicians and mobile numbers:

Graeme Pickering 0418 323 793

Simon Roberts 0419 561 969

Linda Zheng 0488 708 479

General enquiries Telephone 9594 3542

Oncall mobile (public holidays, weekends, before 8 am weekdays and after 4.30 pm weekdays) - 0419 318 376

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