Centre for Clinical Effectiveness

We are an evidence-based practice support unit that encourages and supports health professionals, managers and policy makers to use the best available evidence to improve healthcare.

We provide information, expertise and resources to assist health service personnel in getting evidence from research into everyday clinical practice and evaluating the effect on patient care. This encompasses:

  • evidence-based practice – clinical decisions made between health professionals and patients
  • evidence-based decision making – organisational decisions made by managers, policy makers and health service consumers
  • evidence-based change processes – organisational change such as establishing new models of service delivery, introducing new clinical practice guidelines or instituting new systems for decision-making



Further information on what we do can be found in our Strategic Plan and Activity Reports which are attached below.




We receive core funding from Monash Health and additional funding from research grants, philanthropic awards, government contracts and externally commissioned projects and services.

We do not accept funding from pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies or other commercial entities with potential vested interest in the outcomes of systematic reviews.

Recognising that any funding body may potentially have a vested interest in the outcome of systematic reviews, CCE retains full editorial control over the development of all materials to ensure objectivity and independence.



Centre for Clinical Effectiveness
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