Ms. Isabelle Nehma

IsabelleMs. Isabelle Nehma

Isabelle is a Clinical Trials Assistant (CTA) in the Early Phase Oncology Research Department at Monash Health, Clayton.

She completed a Bachelor of Science with a double major in developmental biology and physiology in 2013 and then pursued postgraduate studies in Clinical Embryology (IVF). Both of these courses were through Monash University with the latter being taught in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology laboratories at Monash Health Clayton. During her studies, she was fortunate enough to collaborate on a number of research projects through the Neurophysiology Department and the Ritchie Centre for Foetal and Neonatal Health.

In the past, she has worked as a medical secretary/assistant to the director of cardiology at Epworth Hospital Richmond and was actively involved in patient pre-admissions for various procedures including coronary angiograms, stents, PFO closures and TAVIs. In addition to this, she assisted various cardiologists in the weekly anticoagulation clinic.

Prior to joining the Oncology Research Team, she worked as a CTA in the Haematology Research Team. This role definitely expanded her knowledge of clinical practice in a hospital setting and provided her with the skills required to adopt an active role within the fast-paced Clinical Trials Centre.