TCPC Application Process

The TCPC meets once a month to review and approve applications. Applications are due two weeks prior to the meeting, and the applicant (and relevant Department Head and/or Program Director) will be invited to attend the meeting. 

Applications are required for:

1) A New Technology/Clinical Practice 

Any technology or clinical practice (TCP) to be introduced that has not already been performed at Monash Health requires an application. Variations to existing procedures and treatments that involve a new device or item of equipment may also require an application if they are significantly different from existing practice. In these cases, an Application Form must be submitted on the form below.

2) A Change of use of Technology

When changes of use to current approved technologies or clinical practices are planned, a 'Change of Use' application on the form below is required.

3) Reclassification of a technology/clinical practice to become Standard Practice

 The committee reviews previously approved applications for reclassification to standard practice. This can take place two years after introduction of the TCP or earlier by request from the relevant Department Head. In this case, a 'Reclassification for standard practice' application on the form below is required.

* Applications are not required when a technology or clinical practice is already in practice at Monash Health. However, the clinician should seek advice from the Monash Health Credentialing and Scope of Practice Committee regarding the credentialing requirements to undertake the procedure.

Meeting Dates:

The TCPC meetings dates can be downloaded from the link below.


Please download the appropriate forms below and submit to the  Executive Officer, TCPC.

Additional resources are also provided to help you in filling up the form.

Link to Additional Resources for more information.


All enquiries may be directed to the Executive Officer, TCPC.

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