Graduate Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have questions about the Monash Health Graduate Program? It may already be answered for you below. 

If you having any further questions about applications please don’t hesitate to contact our Graduate Team on 9594 7732 or via gnp@monashhealth.org

Best of luck with your Graduate applications!

Monash Program

Graduates in the Monash program commence in February and can complete their rotations at Monash Medical Centre, Moorabbin Hospital, the Kingston Centre, Jessie McPherson Hospital and Yarraman Nursing Home.

Dandenong Program
Graduates in the Dandenong program commence in February and can complete their rotations at Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital, Cranbourne Integrated Care Centre and Chestnut Gardens.

Mid-year intake
Graduates accepted in the mid-year program may complete their rotations at any site in the Monash Health network.

Combined Nursing/Midwifery & Midwifery only
These programs commence in February. Graduates in these program can complete their Midwifery rotations at Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital or Casey Hospital. Graduates may rotate to other sites for their nursing rotation.

Accelerated Graduate Midwife Program AGMP (Post Graduate Intake only)
The Accelerated Graduate Programs commence in February or August. Graduates complete their rotations within Maternity services as for the GNMP. This is a shortened six month program for Registered Nurses newly qualified as midwives

Monash Health approximately employs 150-200 graduates in total across all of our programs.

The Graduate Nurse programs are 12 months in duration and consists of two x 6 month rotations with an extensive range of clinical areas and specialities available.

The GNMP programs are 12 months in duration and may consist of three four month or four three month rotations.

Accelerated midwifery programs are six months duration with two rotations.

You will have the opportunity to nominate your preferred clinical areas. We are unable to guarantee rotations, as these are carefully allocated to provide each graduate with the best possible opportunity to consolidate their skills and individualise learning.

Monash Health recruits primarily through PMCV Computer Match. International students are eligible to apply for unmatched graduate positions post Computer Match, including those unmatched vacancies being advertised on 18th October 2017.

If you are an international student and would like to recieve information about upcoming positions please complete the form at: www.surveymonkey.com/r/PJ2H7F8

For more information see the PMCV Computer Matching website or the Department of Health Nursing and Midwifery Graduate website.

Yes, interstate students are also required to apply through the Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) Computer Match system and the Monash Health website. For further information see the PMCV website at www.pmcv.com.au

No. Monash Health welcomes applications from all eligible applicants. In your application you must outline your placements as well as provide the contact details for at least 2 clinical referees (i.e. Clinical Educator, Clinical Facilitator or preceptor).

To be eligible to apply for a Monash Health Graduate Program you must have finished your nursing/midwifery degree within the academic year of January 2017 to June 2018.

Yes. We encourage our graduates to grow their career and further their knowledge by undertaking an Honours program if they wish to do so.

Monash Health offers mid-year intakes. Applicants who are interested in this intake should apply through PMCV Computer Match and on the Monash Health website.

A range of full and part time positions will be on offer.

Yes, graduates are required to work a rotating roster which can include morning, late and night shifts during the week, on weekends and public holidays.

The amount of supernumerary time depends on the ward area that you are allocated to. Most areas provide 2 days supernumerary while specialty areas may provide graduates with extended supernumerary time.

Graduates are entitled to 5 weeks annual leave pro rata over 12 months. Graduates must take this spread equally over all rotations. To have leave approved successful applicants must apply to their unit manager as soon as they are aware of their allocated ward area. We advise applicants not to pre-book holidays for 2018 as leave cannot be guaranteed prior to the program start.

During the program graduates are provided with paid study leave for all study days. There are a variety of study days available and graduates are allocated to those days that are relevant to the specialty areas they are working in. In addition, Monash Health also offers a range of short courses, site and ward area-based education, online learning and simulation centre training sessions.

Graduates receive support from preceptors in their clinical areas. Clinical Support Nurses/Midwives, Clinical coaches and Clinical Educators also provide education and support during the rotation. Unit Managers, Associate Unit Managers, along with the graduate team are also available to support you throughout your program. We also offer regular graduate specific debrief sessions.

If you are planning to rank multiple Monash Health Programs for PMCV you will also need to submit individual applications to each e-recruit job advertisement (i.e. If applying to both Monash and Dandenong, you would be required to submit 2 applications via e-recruit – one to the Monash job advertisement and one to the Dandenong job advertisement).

No. Although you would submit multiple applications, you are only required to sit one interview.

Monash Health conducts group interviews. You will be allocated to a small group with other applicants. The group rotates through various stations including an individual interview.

Monash Health retains over 90% of graduates. There are endless opportunities at Monash Health post the graduate year including Transition to Specialty Practice Programs and Post Graduate.

Yes. You must submit your application prior to the closing date and can do so without a transcript. Once you receive your up to date transcript you can e-mail this to us at gnp@monashhealth.org.

No, we do not require you to submit a cover letter as part of your application for 2018 Graduate Nurse/Midwife Programs at Monash Health. As part of your application you only need to submit the following:

  • A CV using the Monash Health Graduate Program CV template
  • Your 2 most recent clinical appraisals (certified)
  • A complete Monash Health Fit2Work form and the necessary 100 points of certified identification
  • A certified copy of your academic transcript

Yes. We accept transcripts and appraisals that have been digitally certified by the education provider. You do not need to get these re-certified.

Ideally, you should collate your clinical appraisals and transcript all into one file and upload this under ‘Other Documents’. If you still need more space for files you can upload any document under the ‘Photo’ field. If you are still having difficulty uploading all of your documents in the provided fields, you can submit your application and then e-mail the outstanding documents to gnp@monashhealth.org.

Yes. Do not delay submitting your application to wait for references to complete. Your referees will still be able to complete the online reference form and return this after the application closing date.