About our programs

Monash Health provides a stimulating and supportive learning environment where graduate nurses and midwives are able to consolidate theoretical and clinical skills as they transition to an independent practitioner.

Monash Health Graduates pride themselves on providing quality person-centered health care and services that meet the needs of our community.

Monash Health is committed to training the next generation of health professionals through encouraging graduates to challenge themselves in search of new knowledge and experiences.

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Monash Health offers a Graduate Nurse Program which will support you in an educational and clinical environment as you make the exciting transition from student to registered nurse. The program consists of two six-month rotations with an extensive range of clinical areas to further your knowledge and skills.

There are three general Graduate Nurse Programs available:

  1. Monash Program
    Rotations through Monash Medical Centre, Hessie McPherson, Moorabbin Hospital, Kingston Centre and Yarraman Nursing Home.

  2. Dandenong Program
    Rotations through Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital, Cranbourne Integrated Care Centre and Chestnut Gardens.

  3. Mid – Year Program
    Commences in August, rotations across all Monash Health sites.

Available clinical areas include:

  • Cardiothoracics
  • Coronary Care (CCU)
  • Emergency
  • Day Treatment Centre
  • Newborn Services/Special Care Nursery
  • Paediatrics
  • Renal Haemodialysis
  • Women’s Health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Oncology
  • Palliative Care
  • Cardiology
  • Respiratory
  • Urology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Orthopedics
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Intensive care
  • Neuroscience
  • Aged Care
  • Acute Medical
  • Acute surgical
  • Sub - acute areas
  • Outpatients
  • Peri-anesthetics
  • Infusion Centre Monash Program

Monash Health provides the most extensive maternity services in Victoria, assisting on average over 9,000 births a year.

We pride ourselves on teamwork and have implemented Team Models of care for all birthing women and their families. Midwives, Doctors and Allied Health staff all work within these Interprofessional Teams to enhance continuity and Family Centered Care. Women requiring enhanced care can access some of the best Fetal Diagnostic and Maternal Fetal Medicine facilities in the state whilst still having regular contact with midwives.

Our three sites, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton, Dandenong Hospital and Casey Hospital offer a wide range of services, from tertiary high risk care to primary low-risk care, which ensures a diverse and challenging graduate year. Graduates within our program consolidate Midwifery practice in clinical areas such as:

  • Birthing
  • Pregnancy assessment
  • Postnatal/Antenatal care

For those who wish to incorporate a Nursing rotation, (Double Degree Nursing/Midwifery applicants), a placement consolidating these skills is incorporated within the Combined Midwifery and Nursing Program.

On completion of your graduate year possible opportunities may include:

  • Team Care at Monash Health Medical Centre, Clayton to continue enhancing and consolidating your skills in all areas of practice
  • Team Care at Dandenong working in all areas of practice
  • in a Unit offering diverse cultural complexity
  • Team Care at Casey Hospital working toward gaining the skills to work in our Caseload or Homebirth Models

Mental Health Nursing is an exciting and challenging specialty that provides care, treatment, and support for individuals, their families and carer’s who are experiencing a mental illness or disorder.

An essential part of a mental health nurses’ role is to develop and maintain an effective, therapeutic relationship and to provide comprehensive, holistic care. There is a strong focus on working collaboratively with the individual experiencing mental health issues, their family and /or carer’s, key workers and the Interdisciplinary team.

This program is designed to assist and support nurses within the program in developing knowledge and skills that will enable them to become confident and clinically sound in the specialty of mental health nursing.

The program offers two six month clinical rotations in the following areas:

  • Acute
  • Rehabilitation (Inpatient or Community)
  • Residential Withdrawal Unit
  • Perinatal and Infant Inpatient Unit
  • Early in Life Mental Health
  • Older persons Mental Health Placements are over multiple sites: Casey, Clayton, Dandenong and Kingston (Aged).

Our graduates also receive:

  • A comprehensive orientation program
  • Program exclusive paid education sessions
  • Monthly clinical supervision
  • Two days of ICARE2 (Integrating Cognitively Articulated Respect with Equanimity Training)
  • An allocated preceptor for clinical support and guidance on each clinical rotation
  • The support of PRECEPT (Mental Health Practice Development and Training Team)
  • Access to the PRECEPT education and training calendar for the duration of the year.

Mental Health Program Intakes

Our main intake occurs in January each year. Other intakes throughout the year vary depending on the Mental Health Program need.

Masters of Nursing

There is an expectation that all graduates will enrol in the Masters of Nursing through university and study concurrently with our Graduate Program. The Mental Health Program is affiliated with Monash University and significant advanced standing is credited to those who successfully complete our graduate year.

The Monash Health Aboriginal Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Program works in conjunction with the mainstream graduate program and provides additional culturally appropriate support and mentoring to Indigenous nursing and midwifery graduates.

The Aboriginal Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Program offers Monash Health:

  • The opportunity to increase the number of Indigenous health professionals
  • The opportunity to provide a culturally diverse and responsive workforce
  • The ability to contribute to positive health outcomes for our Aboriginal patients by providing culturally responsive and timely care
  • Stronger links to the Aboriginal community

We are working towards improving our support systems for Aboriginal staff:

  • Aboriginal mentor program in place to offer support and guidance to graduates
  • Cultural safety program to educate managers and staff to ensure Monash Health is a culturally safe and responsive organisation
  • Dedicated cultural support days for graduates focusing on professional development and cultural identity
  • Support and culturally appropriate recruitment and retention options
  • Building relationships and working in partnership with the Aboriginal community
  • Provision of culturally appropriate health services and improved health outcomes for Aboriginal patients and familiee

Click here for more information about our Aboriginal Graduate Programs.


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