Health promotion

A place-based, systems thinking approach to prevention 

Monash Health Community support individuals and communities to maintain health, independence, and wellbeing through quality, patient centred health care that meets the needs of our diverse community. 

Over the past four years, the Health Promotion Team at Monash Health Community have been on a journey. Inspired by the shift in health promotion bought on by Healthy Together Victoria, we wanted change. We were determined to work in a way that reflects the community, the complex nature of prevention and we want efforts to lead to long-term sustainable change that improves the health experienced by our community. 

Our health promotion practice merges place-based approaches, complex systems thinking and developmental evaluation in health promotion. Complex systems thinking gives us the opportunity to view prevention, places and issues as dynamic and non-linear. It allows interventions to grow, adapt and react to systems shifts and gives us the freedom to respond to community deman and harvest momentum as it appears. Together with local places, influencers and partners we will mobilise change. 

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