Language Services

Language Services is focused on facilitating communication between staff and patients whose preferred language of communication is not English or their primary mode of communication is Auslan / Australian Sign Language.

Services Offered

  • Interpreting – On-site
  • Interpreting - Telephone
  • Interpreting – Auslan
  • Translation
  • Training – Working with Interpreters
  • Training – Cultural Awareness

Interpreter services are free of charge. Patients who have difficulties communicating in English are entitled to a professional interpreter.   It is against Monash Health policy and not appropriate for children under 18 years to act as an interpreter for a family member.

Our interpreters are accredited by NAATI Level 3 (the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) and provide independent, unbiased, confidential, complete and accurate interpreting for both parties.  

It is important to have an interpreter particularly when:  

  • a patient does not understand what staff are saying  
  • a patient does not understand anything they are required to sign  
  • it would be easier to communicate with staff in a patient′s native language  

It is a patient′s responsibility to let staff know if you they are unable to attend an appointment, in case an interpreter has been booked.  

Information about your rights and responsibilities

Accessing an interpreter  

Staff will identify the need for an interpreter, but if this has not happened, do not hesitate to ask for this support at any point in care. 
Key Contacts
John Antonopoulos
T:9554 8860
Mili Plecic
T:9594 2377