The massage program provides relaxation, sports and remedial massage with both qualified and student massage therapists.

  • At the first appointment massage therapist offers a comprehensive consultation
  • Up to six appointments are available to eligible clients.


  • resident of City of Casey
  • muscle or bone pain (non malignant), daily for more than three months or regularly for more than six months (eg. arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis)
  • people living with a disability which affects activities of daily living, eg showering shopping, dressing, cooking etc
  • frail / elderly (65 years + or 45 years + for ATSI)
  • supported residential services (pension only)
  • a carer of those clients listed above


  • private massage therapist
  • GP
  • specialist
  • physiotherapist
  • osteopath

Referrals can be made through our information and appointment service

  • T: 8768 5147 Doveton, Cranbourne, Berwick, Pakenham and Cockatoo